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Bioenergy: Do we have to exploit nature or can we learn from it? - Leeds, UK

26 Apr 2017

Biology is very good at chemical reactions that are useful in energy conversion, including those that create electricity from hydrogen, create (solar) fuels after harvesting light or those that convert carbon dioxide. However, technological and economical challenges have so far prevented biotechnology to make a real impact in these areas.

Dr. Lars Jeuken from the University of Leeds will present current strategies where biological catalyst are used in energy conversions. Besides a general overview of research in the area, some of the results from Leeds will be presented on a project funded by the European Research Council. Benefits, drawbacks and limitations of biotechnology in the field of bioenergy will be discussed.

Event is free to attend but registration is required.

Lecture Theatre 6
142, Level 6 Worsley Building, University of Leeds
United Kingdom


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