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Cosmic Dust - From Stars to Climate - Leeds, UK

15 Feb 2017

This lecture will showcase the research undertaken through the CODITA ERC Advanced Grant project, exploring the origins of cosmic dust and its impacts on the Earth’s atmosphere. Topics covered will include: the generation of dust around dying giant stars; formation of new stars and planets; comets and asteroids as the current source of dust around the Earth; and the challenge of determining the quantity of cosmic dust that enters the Earth’s atmosphere each day. Significant impacts of dust include: the formation of metallic layers which affect radio communications to space; “night-shining” clouds which are an early warning of climate change; the freezing of ice clouds in the stratosphere which deplete the ozone layer; and fertilization of the ocean around Antarctica by cosmic iron. 


The lecture is free to attend but registration is required.




Speaker: Professor John PlaneSchool of Chemistry, University of Leeds

Conference Auditorium 2, University House, Cromer Terrace,
The University of Leeds
United Kingdom
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