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Food Science in Pavilion of Knowledge - Lisbon, Portugal

16 Mar 19 Mar 2017

Pavilion of Knowledge (Lisbon, Portugal) is hosting ERC = Science2 in a 4-day event (16-19 March 2017) under the theme of Food. Sustainable processes of agricultural production, healthy eating habits, Mediterranean diet and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases are some of the themes to be approached during the event. The program will include hands-on activities, workshops, showcase of research projects, debates and documentaries.

On the 16th of March, the Mediterranean diet and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases will be the topic of discussion, with featured guest ERC grantee Manuel Franco, from Alcalá University (Madrid, Spain). On the 17th of March, nutritionists, policy makers, teachers, parents, students and the public in general will participate in a debate about healthy diet in children and teenagers. On the 19thof March, the event will be taken outside, to TimeOut Market.

Largo José Mariano Gago
Parque das Nações
1990-223 Lisboa


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