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Healthy ageing: can science help you live longer and better? - Lyon, France

5 Apr 2017

BIOVISION: The World Life Science Forum 12th Edition

Your mother’s diet, your immune system and air pollution are among the many factors affecting how long you live and whether you develop Alzheimer’s or cancer. European Research Council (ERC) researchers are unravelling the secrets of longevity, exploring ways of adding ‘life to years’ as well as ‘years to life’.

On April 5th at the 12th edition of the BIOVISON conference in Lyon France, three ERC grantees come together to discuss their research and how it can contribute to helping you live longer and better. This event is part of the ERC=Science2  focus on how the ERC is helping to fund research that can improve our lives. The three researchers presenting at this event are:

Chiara Vitale Brovaroni, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Stanley Durrleman, Principal Investigator in the ARAMIS lab within the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM),  L'Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (Inria)

Nikos Paragios, Professor of Applied Mathematics & Computer ScienceEcole Centrale Des Arts Et Manufactures



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