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Highlighting ERC-funded research at the University of Cyprus

6 Dec 2016

ERC=Science² is going to Cyprus to host a day-long session on science communication. Three ERC grantees will spend the day with expert trainers from the ERC=Science² consortium, developing new presentation skills.

· 9.30 – 13.00 Training Session for ERC Grantees

Participating UCY ERC grantees:
· Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos
Project: Re-engineering the tumor microenvironment to alleviate mechanical stresses and improve chemotherapy | Starting Grant (StG) | ERC-2013-StG
· Marios Avraamides
Project: Multiple Systems of Spatial Memory: Their role in Reasoning and Action | OSSMA - Starting Grant (StG) | ERC-2007-StG
· Antonis Kirmizis
Project: Functional and regulatory protein networks of chromatin modifying enzymes | ChromatinModWeb - Starting Grant (StG) | ERC-2010-StG


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