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How long will we live - and what does ageing feel like? - Klosterneuberg, Austria

21 May 2017

On May 21st, the Association ScienceCenter-Network together with the Institute for Science and Technology (IST Austria) located in Klosterneuburg will host an interactive exhibition on the theme of longevity at the OPEN CAMPUS DAY at IST Austria. The ERC = Science2 project is a communications campaign designed to highlight the cutting-edge scientific research funded by the European Research Council (ERC).


  • ERC = Science2 stand with multimedia content on ERC-funded research.
  • A Family Lecture by IST Austria will offer insights in cutting-edge research on digital development, which may also have an impact on improving the lives of elderly and impaired people, e.g. through smart hand-prostheses or hand-gloves supporting movements and increasing the sensory abilities. The lecture will be hold by Mr. Bernd Bickel, researcher at IST Austria and an ERC grantee.
  • An interactive Exhibit on Life Expectancy, „Methusalix says Hello“ developed by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), will invite the public to compare different life expectancy rates according to geographical, age cohort and gender differences – based on world-wide data collected by the UN and projected into the future.
  • „Old-men’s-suit“: An age-simulation suit that will provide visitors with an immersive feeling of ageing - provided by the Technical Museum of Vienna.
  • Exploration of what ageing might be like structured in four makers’-workshops for children and families: Participants may experience chronic conditions of ageing through DIY-age simulations and experience in hands-on science activities how difficult everyday life may become. After the workshops ScienceCenter-Network will also offer reflect on how the challenges have affected the participants.
  • Public survey activities, online questionnaires and documentation complemented by 3-4 video interviews.

For more information about the project and the event, please refer go to website of ScienceCenter-Netzwerk.


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