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Open lab visits to the Estonian University of Life Sciences

30 Sep 2016

Professor Üle Niinemets will open his lab located in the Estonian University of Life Sciences to talk about his ERC-funded research on VOC emission, asking the visitors whether they understand the language of plants.

In addition, the Estonian University of Life Sciences will open several of its other labs to the public at the same time. The students and professors working in the labs will run guided tours in the labs and introduce the devices used for research.

All the participants will get a chance to see or even assist in simple experiments and participate in different workshops, such as:

  • Soil chemistry (investigating the microscopic world of soils)
  • Mysterious mushrooms (identification of mushrooms; environmental measurements on mushrooms)
  • The ecosystem of Amazon’s rainforests
  • The world of giant insects (tasks with a microscope)
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