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Science café in Tartu, Estonia

29 Sep 2016

The ScienceSquared-themed science café is to present a side of plant physiology that many people are unaware of.

More specifically, PhD Ülo Niinemets, a professor of agriculture and environmental sciences from the Estonian University of Life Sciences will talk about the stress-dependent emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are emitted by plants. There are different reasons for the phenomenon of VOC emission but the main reasons are strongly linked to global climate change, which affects plant growth and leads to high VOC emission.

Mr Ülo Niinemets is also the head coordinator of a project called “Stress-Induced Plant Volatiles in Biosphere-Atmosphere System” that has been funded by the ERC and is thus highly relevant to the Science Squared project.

The science café will be held in one of the many well-known cafés or pubs in Tartu (the location is yet to be confirmed).


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