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Solving global challenges with science

20 Feb 2019

Societies face more and more often wicked global problems that need to be addressed both on local and international level. We cannot answer these challenges without cooperation or without research and science. Excellent science is a problem solver – and it needs to be financed accordingly.

How can we support and strengthen the impact of science? How can we ensure that the EU will make success in reaching 3% in R&D investments of GDP – or Finland its target of 4%?  And what’s more important – how to ensure that the results of excellent research are utilized when possible – as European social or commercial innovations? Is there European added value to be found?

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  • Vice rector for Research Paula Eerola / University of Helsinki                         
  • Senior adviser Laura Pontiggia / ERC Executive Agency

Excellent research: A proof of concept?


  • Vice rector for Research Paula Eerola/ University of Helsinki
  • MP Sari Multala/ Committee for Education and Culture, Parliament of Finland
  • Senior adviser Laura Pontiggia/ ERCEA
  • Associate prof. Helder A. Santos/ University of Helsinki
  • Executive director Jukka Häyrynen, Business Finland

Further information

Tanja Remes, University of Helsinki, +358 50 4150286,

Monique Septon, ERC=Science², Brussels, +32 486 42 92 84,


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