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Past Events

30 Sep 2016

Professor Üle Niinemets will open his lab located in the Estonian University of Life Sciences to talk about his ERC-funded research on VOC emission, asking the visitors whether they understand the language of plants.

In addition, the Estonian University of Life Sciences will open several of its other labs to the public at the same time. ...

29 Sep 2016

The ScienceSquared-themed science café is to present a side of plant physiology that many people are unaware of.

More specifically, PhD Ülo Niinemets, a professor of agriculture and environmental sciences from the Estonian University of Life Sciences will talk about the stress-dependent emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that ...

26 Sep 30 Sep 2016

The special programme will be carried out by AHHAA Science Centre

The programme by AHHAA will comprise some of the best hands-on workshops AHHAA has to offer, e.g the making of LED lanterns, 3D glasses, virtual reality glasses and holograms.

The workshop on LED lanterns will help participants to find out how lamps have changed ...

9 Sep 10 Sep 2016

Science and Technology Days are organized annually by the University of West Bohemia. Being located in the city center of Pilsen, the city is transformed into a science laboratory. Over the course of two days, more than 30 scientific exhibits will present their research from an unorthodox point of view ...

21 Aug 25 Aug 2016

Professor Lorraine Brennan, a Conway Fellow and a PI at the Institute of Food and Health of University College Dublin will be speaking at the IUFoST 2016 World Congress of food science and technology.

The congress takes place will take place in Dublin, between 21 and 25 August.

Delegates at the congress will be discussing ...

25 Jul 27 Jul 2016

At ESOF, ERC=Science² will have a pop-up science tent on St.Ann’s Square in Manchester from July 25-27. The tent will display one project from the each of the first two themes, ‘The Human City’ and ‘Food’. Both projects place and emphasis on citizen science and how it can improve urban spaces.

ERC=Science² is a pan-European ...

19 Jul 21 Jul 2016

On 19 of July, Science Squared and Ecsite will kick-off a series of public dialogues at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris. The event is part of an ERC=Science2 campaign ...