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Euro-Mediterranean University – EMUNI

EMUNI University was established in 2008 as one of the six key priorities of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) with the aim of enhancing cooperation in higher education and research across the North and the South shores of the Mediterranean and to act as the education and research hub of the UfM.

EMUNI has become an international institution with 197 member institutions from 42 different countries, which gathers expert knowledge and experience of the Euro-Mediterranean countries and thus contributes in a significant way to the creation of a unified, integrated Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area. Within its mission, EMUNI is pursuing the following goals:

  • raising quality of higher education through the implementation of study and research programmes;
  • becoming an international university, which will acknowledge cultural diversity;
  • establishing a university environment, which will have a stimulating effect on integration of different nations and cultures in the academic spheres;
  • ensuring administrative, operational and material infrastructure, which will enable the operation of the university.

Its tasks are focused on short term study activities, such as professional upgrading study programmes, summer schools, short-term intensive programmes and participation in research, coordination, dissemination and project activities with international partners. In the last years, emphasis was given to the project management and cooperation. EMUNI’s experience in coordinating an extensive platform of cooperating institutions is crucial for this project proposal (ERC = Science²).

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