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Science Business Publishing Ltd.

Science Business Publishing Ltd. is a UK media and communications company with Brussels branch office that is specialised in the innovation community. The company was founded in 2004 by two leading science and technology journalists in Europe - Richard L. Hudson and Peter Wrobel, managing editors of, respectively, the Wall Street Journal Europe and Nature; they are joined by former senior editors of Business Week, New Scientist, the Financial Times and other major media. All have a strong understanding of the communications difficulties inherent in the international research and innovation landscape, and top-level contacts in key companies, universities and governments around the world.

Together, we devise creative solutions for multinational, academic and government clients wishing to engage with these hard-to-reach technology audiences. Our services include:

  • A communications consulting service, focused on the innovation community. Clients include CERN, Microsoft, BP, GE, Pfizer, SAP, Toyota, SKF, Imperial College London, the European Commission’s DG Research & Innovation and DG Education & Culture, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, and government technology agencies in several EU member states. Tasks include researching and advising on communications strategies; organising and managing high-level roundtables and large Webcast conferences; commissioning original policy research and devising communications campaigns for it; and making innovation magazines, reports, Webinars and other targeted media programmes under contract.
  • A university-industry network of 27 institutions - including Karolinska, the Medical University of Warsaw, the European Space Agency, ESADE Business School, Caisse des Dépots, ETH-Zurich, University of Bologna, Imperial, University College London, NTNU and INSEAD – to facilitate tech transfer and policy debate. Science|Business manages the Network, facilitating conferences, joint communications activities and publicity for members.
  • An online news service of EU innovation policy and investment. With 15,000 subscribers, is a leading provider of news and analysis.
  • A not-for-profit think tank, the Science|Business Innovation Board AISBL, which commissions original innovation policy research and communicates it on behalf of members (Microsoft, BP, Sanofi, SKF, Imperial, Aalto, INSEAD and ESADE.) Science|Business manages the association.


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