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University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM)

University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) is the oldest educational institution for medical training and research in the South-East Europe. It has a long tradition in education of medical doctors, as well as in research and clinical practice. UZSM is not only locally known, but it is recognized internationally as an excellent training and research institution.

The concept of internationalisation of medical education has been deeply rooted in the UZSM since its foundation in 1917. The founders of UZSM came from different European centres of academic excellence and transferred their expertise to the newly fledged institution. Since that time, the UZSM has tried to preserve and maintain this continuity in transferring the latest trends in medical education and teaching by adding to it the specific creative component of its faculty. It has thus achieved its present integration into the international community of medical schools.

In its determination to raise the standards of medical education and introduce a new culture of teaching, UZSM decided to join the growing number of medical schools in Central and Eastern Europe which offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English by establishing its own English program. The program attracted its first generation of students in the academic year 2003/04, and this generation has completed their course of studies in this academic year (2008/09) with a growing number of their international colleagues motivated for joining the program.

The School encourages its faculty to participate in international research, particularly  in the following research areas: basic and clinical neuroscience including neuroprotection, neuroimaging and neurogenomics; regenerative medicine including bone morphogenetic proteins and biological regeneration of tissues; molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics; pharmacogenomics; diagnostic ultrasound (esp. in cardiology and perinatal medicine); transplantation medicine; haematological malignancies; congenital metabolic diseases; clinical endocrinology and diabetes; public health and environmental medicine.


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