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Vision 2020

Vision2020 is a network of world-leading research organisations and innovative SMEs that aims to promote successful collaboration in science projects under the Horizon 2020 funding programme. Vision2020’s 36 research institution members include several of the top ten institutions, some of which are carrying out ERC-funded research projects, and are spread across a very wide geographic area, with 29 countries currently represented amongst its total membership of 51 organisations. Vision2020’s role in the ERC = Science² project will be to:

  • Coordinate, administer and monitor ERC - Science²‘s series of social events on campuses and  to showcase the selected ERC-funded science projects, additionally utilising the local resources of the Vision2020 network members wherever possible in order to maximise the project’s impact with minimum budget usage; 
  • Provide central administrative, scheduling and logistics support to the local activities carried out under the ERC = Science² project across Europe, including the facilitating the organisation of events on campuses and in museums, coordinating the logistics of content creation and moderating the online distribution channels;
  • Expand the project’s reach and visibility to the widest possible audience across Europe, through the use of a selection of its members as additional local and regional dissemination channels, that can magnify, promote and support the ERC-branded distribution network during and beyond the end of the project;
  • Provide support to the ERC = Science² consortium in the creation of a series of truly innovative and compelling communication packages, through leveraging the existing expertise of the Vision2020 network and its members in this field and providing central administrative, scheduling and logistics support for the content creation;
  • Use the Vision2020 network as an additional dissemination channel to promote and stimulate new ERC grant applications from universities across Europe, particularly amongst the Eastern and Southern EU Member States.

Vision2020 has coordinated a number of successful science events in the past year and, through its network of leading research organisations spread across Europe, has access to significant institutional resources that may be deployed in support of the ERC = Science², in order to ensure that communications are able to reach the widest possible audiences. Specifically, all of the research institution members of Vision2020 have agreed to be listed as ‘Third Parties’ in the ERC = Science² project, and have confirmed their willingness to respond to requests for the use of local resources and to provide communication support the project wherever appropriate, on a ‘best efforts’ basis. Of course, willingness to consider the consortium’s requests for resources in no way implies that these organisations will be treated preferentially in the selection of ERC grants to be communicated, and this process will remain completely impartial, transparent and based solely on merit.

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