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28 Mar 2017
From 16 th to 19 th March, the Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva Science Centre (Lisbon, Portugal) hosted a programme dedicated to food, health and sustainability, with more than 40 experimental activities, workshops, science and technology projects, debates and documentaries.
19 Mar 2017
Can archaeological sites tell us about what people ate in the Bronze Age?
16 Mar 2017
Many of the pioneering inventions of the Roman Empire still influence our lives today. But what about global food trade?
14 Mar 2017
Since 1900 life expectancy has more than doubled, but humans are still looking for the Fountain of Youth
13 Mar 2017
Think traffic flows, and you think cars. But what about bike and people traffic? In an urban environment, mixed mobility flows are becoming the norm as European cities seek to reduce air pollution and congestion.
9 Mar 2017
Imagine developing new anticancer therapies or tackling Parkinson’s disease? Or discovering Earth-like worlds in outer space? Can research develop batteries that make our mobile devices last longer? This is the type of cutting-edge research that the EU is promoting through the European Research Council (ERC), set up ten years ago. Some 7,000 top researchers have been supported in Europe to expand the frontiers of our knowledge and draw us nearer to the solutions. Many already led to breakthroughs.
7 Mar 2017
While fear and aggression tend to curb our appetite, sadness and frustration seem to stimulate it. A project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) looks into the connections between mood and overeating in healthy and bulimic individuals.
16 Feb 2017
Does this sound like you? When you do your shopping, you buy too much fruit and veg during the week. So you use what you can, toss the rest, and start all over again the next week.
2 Dec 2016
Science to touch, science for everyday life - this would characterize Techmania Science Center ’s activities in Pilsen, which were offered to the public during autumn 2016 under the project ERC = Science² . Altogether, more than a thousand people of all ages took part in the dialogue, public space and fab lab activities. The first activity under the ERC = Science² project on the topic of Food was ...
17 Nov 2016
The Centre for Research and Analysis (CRA) , in a partnership with Sofia University and Agrobioinstitute in Sofia, organized an event at the Faculty of Biology of the University, a part of the ERC = Science² pan-European campaign of the European Research Council (ERC) which started in 2015. The event presented an intriguing, in-depth look into one of the six project themes – " The Taste Tests " ...