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22 Nov 2018
Swiss researchers visit a watch-making school, to teach robots to think like a craftsman
22 Nov 2018
Sure, computers can do sums. But can they think like a mathematician? In Prague Josef Urban wants to make computers prove theorems
7 Nov 2018
Artificial intelligence could transform our world. But first, ERC researchers are trying to answer the basic questions – about life and the universe – that AI poses
23 Oct 2018
ERC has awarded €250 million to 27 winners of its highly coveted Synergy Grants. This funding enables groups of two to four lead researchers to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources to jointly address research problems at the frontiers of knowledge. The grants are part of the EU's research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020. One group from Germany will search for a ...
10 Sep 2018
Acoustics research powers cinema sound and virtual reality gaming. Figuring out how sound bounces of the walls of an auditorium is also essential to designing concert halls
10 Sep 2018
Around 4% of the population suffers from ‘amusia’ – a disorder affecting the perception and production of pitch in music. Understanding this phenomenon could help a seemingly unrelated group: people with autism.
10 Jul 2018
ERC researcher Michael Ellison brought classical Turkish and Western musicians together at a big scientific conference, to show the intersections between two very different musical traditions.
3 Jul 2018
Music scientists funded by the European Research Council gathered at the Pompeu Fabra University to showcase an area of research that is not so well known. The conference featured 20 projects funded by the European Research Council that focus on music and its impact on technology and society.
27 Jun 2018
Social sciences are needed to solve the ethical dilemmas posed by new technologies and innovations, but the increase in the number of social sciences graduates in recent years has not done the job, says European Research Council president
14 Jun 2018
Researchers make the case for businesses based on breakthrough science funded by the EU and consider how to raise the private capital needed to speed innovations to market



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