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Augmented Reality test: Are you a healthy eater?

12 Mar 2019

Scientists funded by the European Research Council are developing new insights into diet, nutrition and our good - and bad - eating habits.

To help you test your eating habits, we developed a learning game in augmented reality.

Download and install the app to your smartphone, and scan the images below. 



What should you eat?

The Mediterranean diet roulette: Scan the food wheel and tap on each item to find out more about the Mediterranean diet.

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Portion quiz: do you know how much you’re eating?

Scan the empty plate and figure out whether the displayed portion is small, medium or large.

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How long will you stay healthy?

Scan the joggers illustration to discover how long someone of your age and nationality could – on average - stay healthy..

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Emotional eating test

Scan the image to test your eating habits

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