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Paris hosts the Human City as part of the ERC=Science² communications campaign

27 Jul 2016

Earlier this week, the ERC = Science² project kicked off a series of public engagement events with a 2-day programme (July 19th -20th) of dialogue events held at Cité des Sciences & de l’industrie in Paris, France. Funded by the European Research Council (ERC), the ERC = Science² project focuses on the ERC-funded research by highlighting ongoing blue-sky research in Europe and the its future impacts on our daily lives. The first scientific theme the project explores is titled ‘the Human City’. As one of the nine third parties involved in the project, Cité des Sciences & de l’industrie organized two back-to-back Science Cafés dedicated to the research of Ludovic Leclercq (IFSTTAR) on a Multiscale and Multimodal Modelling Approach for Green Urban Traffic Management and that of Denise Pumain (CNRS) on Analysing and Modelling of the Geographical Diversity of Cities and Systems of Cities. Both of the featured research projects investigate exisiting urban challenges and the negative externalities they produce in order to design more sustainable and accurate urban models. The second day shed the spotlight on ERC itself. Mr. Massimo Gaudina, Head of the Communications Unit at the ERC Executive Agency presented the activities of the organization and underscored the vital role it plays in supporting European leadership in world class research. With the activities on July 19th and 20th marking a starting point, the project now sets its eyes on the upcoming public events in the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia and Bulgaria, all of which will take place before the end of this year. In the meantime, the project has begun to segue into its second scientific theme which is dedicated to food and healthy diet. To find out more about the ERC = Science² campaign, featured ERC-funded research and the project multimedia content, please visit To get the latest news and updates follow us on Twitter at and like us on Facebook at For press queries, please contact: Mr. Shane McCollam at


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