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THE TASTE TESTS in EXPERYMENT Science in Gdynia, Poland

4 Nov 2016

During three intense ERC= SCIENCE² project days in Gdynia (October 14th – 16th), more than 1500 members of society were attracted by the food research funded by European Research Council (ERC). Science and research can be communicated everywhere, to everyone. It is only a matter of finding the right method to keep people interested. According to this idea, EXPERYMENT’s educators – young and enthusiastic people – drew the public’s attention with a variety of activities and presented information on new, exciting research, which have an impact on people’s everyday life and choices. The main key of the events was to show this correlation and spark public interest in the cutting-edge ERC-funded food research. The public space activities that were located in the Riviera shopping center (one of the biggest mall in Tri-city Metropolis) was more than a success! 800+ shoppers took part in the activities and visited the ERC pop-up stand featuring multimedia content inspired by the ERC-funded food research. Two days in the middle of the mall were full of hands-on activities and talks with public. Activities were based on games and educational actions to promote significant issues which are the subject of the research projects funded by the ERC, such as bad eating habits and performance issues with current global crops. “It is important to know what is happening right now in science, especially regarding the things that have impact on our health,” said one of the shoppers, a father of two. “I myself struggle with little overweight. I know the risks attached. But it is great to know, that scientists conduct research that can help people eat healthy and consciously. This is what I wish my daughters to adapt to. The videos in the pop-up stand were very interesting to me, and the activities wisely entertained my kids. It was especially very informative to show them what 300 calories means – that it can be 1 minute of chocolate bar enjoyment, the intake of which is mostly induced by emotions, or it can be a lot of healthy and nutrient carrots.” He also added: “I will surely try to read more on this Mediterranean diet studies and try its rules, since as a diet, it sounds quite delicious.” Sunday’s dialogue activities in the premises of EXPERYMENT Science Centre also proved to be widely popular as a range of free hands-on workshops, activities and meetings with ERC researchers drew a crowd of more than 700 people to explore the latest ERC-funded research. EXPERYMENT’S educators prepared unique workshops on a number of issues related to nutrition, eating habits, and the relationship between quality and yield production with global food resources. Workshops “Study of water and soil quality”, “Mysterious ” as well as “Food preservation” involved participants in a range of fascinating experiments and provided information on research that is being currently conducted. One of the families, that took part in two of the meetings, had the impression that “We are constantly attacked with the amount of information in the media and internet, that in the end we do not know what is good for us, and what’s not. The workshops gave us real and practical knowledge about what to avoid and how to think about our eating. We really appreciate this.” The ScienceSquared programme culminated with a series of presentations and discussions with ERC grantees Ryszard Horodecki and Ewelina Knapska which turned out to be an important and inspiring part of the day and allowed many to get a sneak peek into the frontier ERC-funded research. To find out more about the ERC = Science2 campaign, featured ERC-funded research and the project multimedia content, please visit To get the latest news and updates follow us on Twitter at and like us on Facebook at For press queries, please contact: Mr. Shane McCollam at


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