3 May 2018
OK, piano duets are dull. But some researchers are studying the way they work. Could this help understand collaboration - from man to robots?
26 Apr 2018
Researchers in Britain and Turkey try to find a common musical language
19 Apr 2018
Music can move us like nothing else. But how exactly does it work? Scientists are seeking the answers.
5 Apr 2018
New research confirms that repeated use of an artificial limb leads the brain to rewire itself
21 Mar 2018
An independent review has found that European Research Council Proof-of-Concept grants have helped scientists set up companies, file patents and attract venture capital
15 Dec 2017
Dr Kenneth Hugdahl of the University of Bergen speaks about his research into auditory hallucination, why meaningful scientific advancement takes time and how the European Research Council (ERC) is integral in making it happen.
12 Dec 2017
ERC-funded researcher discovers a new way to forecast your journey time in a busy city
13 Nov 2017
În ciuda complexelor sale de superioritate, omul nu are cele mai sofisticate simțuri din regnul animal. Câinii pot să audă sunete de înălțimi pe care noi nu le putem percepe, iar delfinii folosesc cu ușurință ecolocația drept sistem de navigație.
9 Nov 2017
Kevin O'Regan na Univerzi Descartes v Parizu raziskuje naš notranji GPS sistem in poskuša ugotoviti, kako bi lahko ljudje instinktivno zaznali magnetni sever. Raziskave izvaja s pomočjo sredstev Evropskega raziskovalnega sveta (European Research Council, ERC).
8 Nov 2017
Kevin O'Regan, chercheur financé par le Conseil europeen de la recherche (CER) à l'Université Paris Descartes, cherche à améliorer notre système GPS interne afin que la découverte instinctive du nord magnétique devienne notre seconde nature.



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